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Benefit from the unbeatable duo! Especially for the needs of our customers and patients, we have put together a set that contains both the hair loss shampoo and the anti-hair loss spray.

The hair loss shampoo and spray effectively combat hair loss and both are a suitable hair loss product that has been enriched with the best and highest quality ingredients. It also provides effective help with thinning hair. Dr. Balwi emphasizes that proper care after a hair transplant is important for the healing process. Well-groomed hair and gentle care of the scalp you will have less hair loss at the end.

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In addition, for anyone seeking further help, the air loss product is the perfect nutrient combination for the scalp, hair root and hair.

The shampoo gently cleanses and pampers with a rich care. The hair gets more power, it is unruly, shiny and soft. With this gentle care of the scalp, the hair roots become stronger, so the hair loss is prevented and thinning hair. In addition to the shampoo against hair loss, the anti-hair loss spray maintains. It provides an effective supplement that can be used by anyone who wants to strengthen their hair and wants healthy and fuller hair.

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The spray is a remedy for hair loss. It can be used at the first sign of hair loss, thinning hair and to prevent hair loss. The valuable active ingredients strengthen the hair root, so that no hair will fall. You can fight hair loss especially with biotin. The other ingredients have the same or complementary effect.

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Hair loss is effectively hindered by the unique formulation of the spray. You will lose less hair, your hair will be stronger, unruly and healthier. Overall, the spray is an effective remedy for hair loss The spray is recommended to patients after a hair transplant. Predominantly after a transplantation, the scalp and the hair root need special care, so it can nest optimally. Moreover, anyone who wants to do something against hair loss, can use the spray as a nourishing supplement to the daily hair care.

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This hair care product is a shampoo for hair loss for women and men. The Hair Loss Product contains a high dose of biotin (Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H stimulates the hair root, strengthens the hair, stopps hair loss and promotes hair growth.) The shampoo gives you strong, shiny and unruly hair.

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The base of this hair loss shampoo is natural and very qualitatively ingredients. These help to get thick and full hair, to prevent hair loss and to care the hair.

The shampoo against hair loss was enriched by Dr. med. Balwi with the best and highest quality ingredients and it is a suitable remedy for hair loss. Hair care is very important for patients after a hair transplant.
The combination of the ingredients and the hair wash after a hair transplant with this shampoo, helps to achieve a long-term beautiful and full result.

What to do about hair loss? Try the hair loss shampoo now and convince yourself. This hair loss remedy will help you lose less hair.

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What is biotin?

Biotin, vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is a water-soluble vitamin, which can not be produced independently by the body. It can be absorbed by the body through food or biotin-containing supplements. The absorption of biotin stimulates hair growth. The hair also gets more power and shine. By stimulating the hair root with the help of biotin, the hair is firmly anchored in the root of the hair, which means that no more hair will fall.

How often should I use the products?

You can use our hair loss products everyday. Simply replace our hair loss shampoo with your regular shampoo. You can apply the anti-hair loss spray after washing your hair.

How should I use the products?

Hair loss shampoo: Rinse your hair with warm water. Then remove the shampoo with a hazelnut-sized portion. First massage the amount into the scalp and then spread the product on the complete hair. Now wash it out with cold or lukewarm water.

Are the products also suitable for women?

Yes, our products are also suitable for women. In general, everyone can use our hair loss products. The shampoo and the spray make the hair root stronger, which also stops hair loss and thinning hair will get thicker.

How long does the delivery take?

We ship our products within 24 hours after your order is received. The shipping takes about 3-5 working days.

Will new hair grow through the products?

Yes and no. If the hair has already failed and there is no hair root left, no new hair can grow. In this case will only help a hair transplant.
However, if there is still hair, it will grow better and stronger. The hair root is stimulated, so you can prevent the hair loss. Your existing hair becomes stronger, grows faster and automatically becomes fuller.