This hair care product is a shampoo for hair loss for women and men. The Hair Loss Product contains a high dose of biotin (Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H stimulates the hair root, strengthens the hair, stopps hair loss and promotes hair growth.) The shampoo gives you strong, shiny and unruly hair.

The base of this hair loss shampoo is natural and very qualitatively ingredients. These help to get thick and full hair, to prevent hair loss and to care the hair.

The shampoo against hair loss was enriched by Dr. med. Balwi with the best and highest quality ingredients and it is a suitable remedy for hair loss. Hair care is very important for patients after a hair transplant.
The combination of the ingredients and the hair wash after a hair transplant with this shampoo, helps to achieve a long-term beautiful and full result.

What to do about hair loss? Try the hair loss shampoo now and convince yourself. This hair loss remedy will help you lose less hair.

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