3 x Hair Loss Treatment Set

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3 Sets for only 139,99€

Benefit from the unbeatable duo! Especially for the needs of our customers and patients, we have put together a set that contains both the hair loss shampoo and the anti-hair loss spray.

The hair loss shampoo and spray effectively combat hair loss and both are a suitable hair loss product that has been enriched with the best and highest quality ingredients. It also provides effective help with thinning hair. Dr. Balwi emphasizes that proper care after a hair transplant is important for the healing process. Well-groomed hair and gentle care of the scalp you will have less hair loss at the end.

In addition, for anyone seeking further help, the air loss product is the perfect nutrient combination for the scalp, hair root and hair.

The shampoo gently cleanses and pampers with a rich care. The hair gets more power, it is unruly, shiny and soft. With this gentle care of the scalp, the hair roots become stronger, so the hair loss is prevented and thinning hair. In addition to the shampoo against hair loss, the anti-hair loss spray maintains. It provides an effective supplement that can be used by anyone who wants to strengthen their hair and wants healthy and fuller hair.

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